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Most of my projects are written in C++, though I sometimes find myself working with C, SQL, Rexx, Python, PHP, and various other languages.

Until the late 1990s, I was quite involved with OS/2, IUICL/OCL, and VisualAge C++. Since then, I've focused on embedded Linux, first with Red Hat, and since 2005 with Ubuntu. Below is a partial list of both new and old software I've authored.

Myra Canyon - Network Router & Control - Linux
Open-source project to easily create a Linux-based router. Includes deep packet inspection, flow inspection, database, reporting, and network control. Written in C++, SQL, and PHP. MIT license.

FC++ - FileCatalyst - Linux & Windows
FileCatalyst by Unlimi-Tech is an extremely fast Java-based tool and UDP file transfer protocol. Unlimi-Tech hired me to write a C++ implementation to interface with their Java-based servers. Available as a Linux/Windows/Mac/iOS tool and as a C++ library. Commercial license.

EPS Conduits - Virtual Networking - Linux
Open-source project to setup networking-over-networking. Create a virtual network between any Linux computer in the world, and have them behave as if they're on the same LAN network segment. Can be used to easily bypass restrictive firewalls that otherwise would prevent network connections. Written in C++. MIT license.

Work Order - Linux & Windows
Closed-source project for cabinet door maker. Provide order entry, metric and imperial measurements, order tracking in a database, cutlist calculations, and invoicing support. Written in C++ and SQL.

SNMPpp - SNMP C++ Wrapper
Open-source library with C++ classes and methods for use with net-snmp. Written in C++. MIT license.

DCITU - Digital Camera Image Transfer Utility - OS/2
Transfer digital camera images via serial cable to your OS/2 computer with DCITU. More than 70 different digital camera models are supported.

DiskSpace - Show Disk Space Usage - Win32
Uses pie charts to graphically display which subdirectory is using the most disk space. Requires IOCTools.dll.

IInternet - Open Class Library TCP/IP - Win32
Various TCP/IP and Internet C++ classes for use with IBM's VisualAge C++ compiler and IBM's Open Class Library. Many of my Windows applications are linked against this library. Includes IHost, IIpAddress (IPv4 only), ISocket (client and server functionality), IUrl, and IWebObject.

IJG_v6b - Independant JPEG Group v6b - Win32
A IBM VisualAge C++ recompilation of the common JPEG library.

IJPEG - Open Class Library JPEG - Win32
Gives C++ access to JPEG images with IBM's Open Class Library through the common IJG library. Includes IJpeg and operators for OCL's IImage. Requires IJG_v6b.dll.

IOCTools - Open Class Library Tools - Win32
Practical collection of C++ classes and function calls for use with IBM's VisualAge C++ compiler and IBM's Open Class Library. Most of my Windows applications are linked against this library. Includes DualColumnCanvas, SplashWnd, IOCTools::caughtIOCException(), and IOCTools::loadString().

Loxahatchee - Distributed HTTP Load Testing - Win32
Distributed client-server application to emulate hundreds of HTTP clients hitting one or several web servers. Clients can be installed throughout the network. Large portion of the GUI configuration tool consists of setting up clients to emulate different versions of Netscape, MS IE, Mozilla, Opera, or many other browsers. Requires IOCTools.dll and IInternet.dll. Not open-sourced. Contact me for details.

OutJPEG - Output JPEG & Manipulation - OS/2
Simple JPEG transformations directly from the command-line; great for use in CGI-BIN scripts.

StockPrice - Typical Stock Symbol Ticker - Win32
Grabs stock symbol pricing information from finance.yahoo.com and shows gains, loss, currency conversion, taxes owed, etc. Requires IOCTools.dll and IInternet.dll.

TelusADSL - Telus ADSL Instructions - OS/2
Easy-to-follow instruction on setting up OS/2 to work with a Canadian Telus.net ADSL account.

WarpBoot - Display Driver Names - OS/2
Modify the OS/2 boot kernel to displays the names of the drivers being loaded into memory.

WEU - Wave Extraction Utility - OS/2
If your digital camera also supports recording sound, then you may want to try WEU to extract the .WAV files and convert them to an OS/2-compatible format.