WEU - Wave Extraction Utility for OS/2
Stéphane Charette, stephanecharette@gmail.com

WEU is used to extract .WAV format files from other binary files. Typically, the binary files that contain imbeded sound files would be images generated by newer digital cameras. For example, Kodak's new line of digital camera -- the DC260 and newer -- support imbeded sound files.

Please see the DCITU web page for a native OS/2 application that can download images from many different digital camera models. Close to 40 different digital camera models are currently supported under OS/2!

The lastest version of WEU is available from hobbes.nmsu.edu.

[c:\weu]weu.exe /svyc2 *.jpg

WEU - Wave Extraction Utility
v0.5 , October 04, 1999
Stéphane Charette, charette@writeme.com

-> opening P0003172.JPG to read 348744 bytes
-> looking for WAVE.......
-> found WAVE at offset 0x703d, 25908 bytes
-> found WAVE format tag:
	-> format length is 20 bytes
	-> format type is 17, 0x0011 (Intel DVI/IMA)
	-> number of channels is 1
	-> sample rate is 11025
	-> average bytes per second is 5588
	-> block alignment is 256
	-> bits per sample is 4
-> creating P0003172.WAV
-> closing P0003172.WAV
-> converting file to 16-bit WAVE-PCM format
-> compressed sound data length is 25856 bytes
-> uncompressed sound data length is 102010 bytes
-> writing converted file to P0003172.WAV
-> done!
The sound files generated by the Kodak cameras are not directly supported under OS/2. This is because the .WAV files are in Intel DVI/IMA format (supported only in Win9x) instead of the standard PCM (Pulse-Coded Modulation) format.

WEU uses Erik de Castro Lopo's generic sound file library, LibSndFile, to convert between different sound formats. This is how the Intel DVI/IMA sound files are converted to plain PCM format for use in OS/2.

The lastest version of WEU is available from hobbes.nmsu.edu.

Both WEU and LibSndFile are released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. A simple explanation of the ideas behind the GPL is also available.

You can contact the author of WEU at stephanecharette@gmail.com.

Stéphane Charette, stephanecharette@gmail.com
Last modified on October 04, 1999