firewalling, NAT, and packet mangling for linux
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sockaddr_nl Struct Reference

Netlink socket address. More...

#include <netlink-kernel.h>

Data Fields

__kernel_sa_family_t nl_family
 socket family (AF_NETLINK) More...
unsigned short nl_pad
 Padding (unused) More...
__u32 nl_pid
__u32 nl_groups
sa_family_t nl_family
 socket family (AF_NETLINK) More...
uint32_t nl_pid
 Unique process ID. More...
uint32_t nl_groups
 Multicast group subscriptions. More...

Detailed Description

Netlink socket address.

Field Documentation

sa_family_t sockaddr_nl::nl_family

socket family (AF_NETLINK)

uint32_t sockaddr_nl::nl_groups

Multicast group subscriptions.

unsigned short sockaddr_nl::nl_pad

Padding (unused)

uint32_t sockaddr_nl::nl_pid

Unique process ID.

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