firewalling, NAT, and packet mangling for linux
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nft_sync_inst Struct Reference

#include <config.h>

Collaboration diagram for nft_sync_inst:

Data Fields

enum nft_sync_mode mode
enum nft_sync_cmd cmd
bool stop
struct {
   bool   color
   int   type
   char   filename [PATH_MAX]
   FILE *   fd
struct tcp_conf tcp
struct nft_fd tcp_client_nfd
struct nft_fd tcp_server_fd
struct mnl_socketnl_query_sock

Field Documentation

enum nft_sync_cmd nft_sync_inst::cmd

Referenced by main().

bool nft_sync_inst::color

Referenced by nft_sync_log().

FILE* nft_sync_inst::fd
char nft_sync_inst::filename[PATH_MAX]

Referenced by nft_sync_log_init().

struct { ... } nft_sync_inst::log
enum nft_sync_mode nft_sync_inst::mode

Referenced by main().

struct mnl_socket* nft_sync_inst::nl_query_sock
bool nft_sync_inst::stop

Referenced by nft_sync_event_loop().

struct tcp_conf nft_sync_inst::tcp
struct nft_fd nft_sync_inst::tcp_client_nfd

Referenced by tcp_client_start().

struct nft_fd nft_sync_inst::tcp_server_fd

Referenced by tcp_server_start().

int nft_sync_inst::type

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