firewalling, NAT, and packet mangling for linux
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nft_expr_ops Struct Reference

nf_tables expression operations More...

#include <nft-expr-modules.h>

Collaboration diagram for nft_expr_ops:

Data Fields

const char * eo_name
 Kind/Name of expression. More...
struct nla_policyeo_policy
unsigned int eo_maxattr
void(* eo_dump [NL_DUMP_MAX+1])(struct nfnl_nft_expr *, struct nl_dump_params *)
 Dump callbacks. More...
int(* eo_get_opts )(struct nl_msg *, struct nfnl_nft_expr *)
 Must return the contents supposed to be in NFTA_EXPR_DATA. More...
int(* eo_msg_parser )(struct nfnl_nft_expr *, struct nlattr *[])
 NFTA_EXPR_DATA message parser. More...
void(* eo_free_data )(struct nfnl_nft_expr *)
 Called before a expression object gets destroyed. More...
int(* eo_clone )(struct nfnl_nft_expr *, struct nfnl_nft_expr *)
 Called whenever a expression object needs to be cloned. More...
char *(* eo_attrs2str )(int, char *, size_t)
struct nl_list_head list
 INTERNAL (Do not use) More...

Detailed Description

nf_tables expression operations

Field Documentation

char*(* nft_expr_ops::eo_attrs2str)(int, char *, size_t)
int(* nft_expr_ops::eo_clone)(struct nfnl_nft_expr *, struct nfnl_nft_expr *)

Called whenever a expression object needs to be cloned.

void(* nft_expr_ops::eo_dump[NL_DUMP_MAX+1])(struct nfnl_nft_expr *, struct nl_dump_params *)

Dump callbacks.

void(* nft_expr_ops::eo_free_data)(struct nfnl_nft_expr *)

Called before a expression object gets destroyed.

int(* nft_expr_ops::eo_get_opts)(struct nl_msg *, struct nfnl_nft_expr *)

Must return the contents supposed to be in NFTA_EXPR_DATA.

Referenced by nfnl_nft_expr_build_message().

unsigned int nft_expr_ops::eo_maxattr

Referenced by nfnl_nft_expr_parse().

int(* nft_expr_ops::eo_msg_parser)(struct nfnl_nft_expr *, struct nlattr *[])

NFTA_EXPR_DATA message parser.

Referenced by nfnl_nft_expr_parse().

const char* nft_expr_ops::eo_name
struct nla_policy* nft_expr_ops::eo_policy

Referenced by nfnl_nft_expr_parse().

struct nl_list_head nft_expr_ops::list

INTERNAL (Do not use)

Referenced by __nft_expr_lookup_ops(), nft_expr_register(), and nft_expr_unregister().

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