firewalling, NAT, and packet mangling for linux
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nf_expect Struct Reference

#include <object.h>

Collaboration diagram for nf_expect:

Data Fields

struct nfct_tuple_head master
struct nfct_tuple_head expected
struct nfct_tuple_head mask
struct nfct_tuple_head nat
u_int32_t timeout
u_int32_t id
u_int16_t zone
u_int32_t flags
u_int32_t class
char helper_name [NFCT_HELPER_NAME_MAX]
u_int32_t nat_dir
char expectfn [__NFCT_EXPECTFN_MAX]
u_int32_t set [1]

Field Documentation

u_int32_t nf_expect::class

Referenced by __parse_expect().

char nf_expect::expectfn[__NFCT_EXPECTFN_MAX]

Referenced by __parse_expect().

u_int32_t nf_expect::flags
u_int32_t nf_expect::id
struct nfct_tuple_head nf_expect::nat

Referenced by __build_expect(), and __parse_expect().

u_int32_t nf_expect::nat_dir

Referenced by __build_expect(), and __parse_expect().

u_int32_t nf_expect::timeout

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