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expr Struct Reference

#include <expression.h>

Collaboration diagram for expr:

Data Fields

struct list_head list
struct location location
unsigned int refcnt
unsigned int flags
const struct datatypedtype
enum byteorder byteorder
unsigned int len
const struct expr_opsops
enum ops op
union {
   struct {
      const struct scope *   scope
      const char *   identifier
      enum symbol_types   symtype
   struct {
      int   verdict
      const char *   chain
   struct {
      mpz_t   value
   struct {
      struct expr *   prefix
      unsigned int   prefix_len
   struct {
      struct list_head   expressions
      unsigned int   size
      uint32_t   set_flags
   struct {
      struct set *   set
   struct {
      struct expr *   arg
   struct {
      struct expr *   left
      struct expr *   right
   struct {
      struct expr *   map
      struct expr *   mappings
   struct {
      const struct proto_desc *   desc
      const struct proto_hdr_template *   tmpl
      enum proto_bases   base
      unsigned int   offset
   }   payload
   struct {
      const struct exthdr_desc *   desc
      const struct proto_hdr_template *   tmpl
   }   exthdr
   struct {
      enum nft_meta_keys   key
      enum proto_bases   base
   }   meta
   struct {
      enum nft_ct_keys   key
   }   ct

Field Documentation

union { ... }
struct expr* expr::arg

Referenced by map_expr_alloc(), and unary_expr_alloc().

enum proto_bases expr::base
const char* expr::chain

Referenced by verdict_expr_alloc().

struct { ... } expr::ct
const struct proto_desc* expr::desc
const struct exthdr_desc* expr::desc
struct list_head expr::expressions
struct { ... } expr::exthdr
const char* expr::identifier
enum nft_meta_keys expr::key

Referenced by ct_expr_alloc(), and meta_expr_alloc().

enum nft_ct_keys expr::key
struct expr* expr::map

Referenced by map_expr_alloc().

struct expr* expr::mappings

Referenced by map_expr_alloc().

struct { ... } expr::meta

Referenced by meta_expr_alloc().

unsigned int expr::offset

Referenced by payload_init_raw().

unsigned int expr::refcnt

Referenced by expr_alloc(), expr_free(), and expr_get().

const struct scope* expr::scope

Referenced by symbol_expr_alloc().

struct set* expr::set

Referenced by set_ref_expr_alloc().

uint32_t expr::set_flags
enum symbol_types expr::symtype

Referenced by symbol_expr_alloc().

const struct proto_hdr_template* expr::tmpl
int expr::verdict

Referenced by verdict_expr_alloc().

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