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datatype Struct Reference

#include <datatype.h>

Collaboration diagram for datatype:

Data Fields

uint32_t type
enum byteorder byteorder
unsigned int flags
unsigned int size
unsigned int subtypes
const char * name
const char * desc
const struct datatypebasetype
const char * basefmt
void(* print )(const struct expr *expr)
struct error_record *(* parse )(const struct expr *sym, struct expr **res)
const struct symbol_tablesym_tbl

Field Documentation

const char* datatype::basefmt
enum byteorder datatype::byteorder
unsigned int datatype::flags
struct error_record*(* datatype::parse)(const struct expr *sym, struct expr **res)
void(* datatype::print)(const struct expr *expr)
unsigned int datatype::subtypes

Referenced by concat_type_alloc().

const struct symbol_table* datatype::sym_tbl
uint32_t datatype::type

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