firewalling, NAT, and packet mangling for linux
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nfnl.h File Reference
#include <netlink/netlink.h>
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#define NFNL_HDRLEN   NLMSG_ALIGN(sizeof(struct nfgenmsg))
#define NFNLMSG_TYPE(subsys, subtype)   (((subsys) << 8) | (subtype))


int nfnl_connect (struct nl_sock *)
 Create and connect netfilter netlink socket. More...
uint8_t nfnlmsg_subsys (struct nlmsghdr *)
 Get netfilter subsystem id from message. More...
uint8_t nfnlmsg_subtype (struct nlmsghdr *)
 Get netfilter message type from message. More...
uint8_t nfnlmsg_family (struct nlmsghdr *)
 Get netfilter family from message. More...
uint16_t nfnlmsg_res_id (struct nlmsghdr *)
 Get netfilter resource id from message. More...
int nfnl_send_simple (struct nl_sock *, uint8_t, uint8_t, int, uint8_t, uint16_t)
 Send trivial netfilter netlink message. More...
struct nl_msgnfnlmsg_alloc_simple (uint8_t, uint8_t, int, uint8_t, uint16_t)
 Allocate a new netfilter netlink message. More...
int nfnlmsg_put (struct nl_msg *, uint32_t, uint32_t, uint8_t, uint8_t, int, uint8_t, uint16_t)
 Add netlink and netfilter netlink headers to netlink message. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define NFNL_HDRLEN   NLMSG_ALIGN(sizeof(struct nfgenmsg))
#define NFNLMSG_TYPE (   subsys,
)    (((subsys) << 8) | (subtype))