firewalling, NAT, and packet mangling for linux
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msg_buff.c File Reference
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "msg_buff.h"
Include dependency graph for msg_buff.c:

Data Structures

struct  msg_buff


struct msg_buffmsgb_alloc (uint32_t size)
void msgb_free (struct msg_buff *msgb)
uint32_t msgb_size (struct msg_buff *msgb)
uint32_t msgb_len (struct msg_buff *msgb)
void * msgb_put (struct msg_buff *msgb, uint32_t len)
void * msgb_pull (struct msg_buff *msgb, uint32_t len)
unsigned char * msgb_data (struct msg_buff *msgb)
unsigned char * msgb_tail (struct msg_buff *msgb)
void msgb_burp (struct msg_buff *msgb)

Function Documentation

void msgb_burp ( struct msg_buff msgb)
unsigned char* msgb_data ( struct msg_buff msgb)

References msg_buff::data.

void msgb_free ( struct msg_buff msgb)
uint32_t msgb_len ( struct msg_buff msgb)

References msg_buff::len.

void* msgb_pull ( struct msg_buff msgb,
uint32_t  len 

References msg_buff::data, msg_buff::len, len, and NULL.

void* msgb_put ( struct msg_buff msgb,
uint32_t  len 

References data, msg_buff::len, len, and msg_buff::tail.

uint32_t msgb_size ( struct msg_buff msgb)

References msg_buff::end, and msg_buff::head.

unsigned char* msgb_tail ( struct msg_buff msgb)

References msg_buff::tail.