firewalling, NAT, and packet mangling for linux
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socket.c File Reference
#include <netlink-local.h>
#include <netlink/netlink.h>
#include <netlink/utils.h>
#include <netlink/handlers.h>
#include <netlink/msg.h>
#include <netlink/attr.h>
Include dependency graph for socket.c:


struct nl_socknl_socket_alloc (void)
 Allocate new netlink socket. More...
struct nl_socknl_socket_alloc_cb (struct nl_cb *cb)
 Allocate new socket with custom callbacks. More...
void nl_socket_free (struct nl_sock *sk)
 Free a netlink socket. More...
Sequence Numbers
void nl_socket_disable_seq_check (struct nl_sock *sk)
 Disable sequence number checking. More...
unsigned int nl_socket_use_seq (struct nl_sock *sk)
 Use next sequence number. More...
void nl_socket_disable_auto_ack (struct nl_sock *sk)
 Disable automatic request for ACK. More...
void nl_socket_enable_auto_ack (struct nl_sock *sk)
 Enable automatic request for ACK (default) More...
Source Idenficiation
uint32_t nl_socket_get_local_port (struct nl_sock *sk)
void nl_socket_set_local_port (struct nl_sock *sk, uint32_t port)
 Set local port of socket. More...
Group Subscriptions
int nl_socket_add_memberships (struct nl_sock *sk, int group,...)
 Join groups. More...
int nl_socket_add_membership (struct nl_sock *sk, int group)
int nl_socket_drop_memberships (struct nl_sock *sk, int group,...)
 Leave groups. More...
int nl_socket_drop_membership (struct nl_sock *sk, int group)
void nl_join_groups (struct nl_sock *sk, int groups)
 Join multicast groups (deprecated) More...
Peer Identfication
uint32_t nl_socket_get_peer_port (struct nl_sock *sk)
void nl_socket_set_peer_port (struct nl_sock *sk, uint32_t port)
File Descriptor
int nl_socket_get_fd (struct nl_sock *sk)
int nl_socket_set_nonblocking (struct nl_sock *sk)
 Set file descriptor of socket to non-blocking state. More...
void nl_socket_enable_msg_peek (struct nl_sock *sk)
 Enable use of MSG_PEEK when reading from socket. More...
void nl_socket_disable_msg_peek (struct nl_sock *sk)
 Disable use of MSG_PEEK when reading from socket. More...
Callback Handler
struct nl_cbnl_socket_get_cb (struct nl_sock *sk)
void nl_socket_set_cb (struct nl_sock *sk, struct nl_cb *cb)
int nl_socket_modify_cb (struct nl_sock *sk, enum nl_cb_type type, enum nl_cb_kind kind, nl_recvmsg_msg_cb_t func, void *arg)
 Modify the callback handler associated to the socket. More...
int nl_socket_set_buffer_size (struct nl_sock *sk, int rxbuf, int txbuf)
 Set socket buffer size of netlink socket. More...
int nl_socket_set_passcred (struct nl_sock *sk, int state)
 Enable/disable credential passing on netlink socket. More...
int nl_socket_recv_pktinfo (struct nl_sock *sk, int state)
 Enable/disable receival of additional packet information. More...