firewalling, NAT, and packet mangling for linux
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rtnl.h File Reference
#include <netlink/netlink.h>
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#define RTNL_REALM_MASK   (0xFFFF)
 Mask specying the size of each realm part. More...
#define RTNL_REALM_FROM(realm)   ((realm) >> 16)
 Extract FROM realm from a realms field. More...
#define RTNL_REALM_TO(realm)   ((realm) & RTNL_REALM_MASK)
 Extract TO realm from a realms field. More...
#define RTNL_MAKE_REALM(from, to)   ((RTNL_REALM_TO(from) << 16) & RTNL_REALM_TO(to))
 Build a realms field. More...


int nl_rtgen_request (struct nl_sock *, int, int, int)
 Send routing netlink request message. More...
char * nl_rtntype2str (int, char *, size_t)
int nl_str2rtntype (const char *)
char * rtnl_scope2str (int, char *, size_t)
int rtnl_str2scope (const char *)
char * rtnl_realms2str (uint32_t, char *, size_t)