firewalling, NAT, and packet mangling for linux
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neigh.c File Reference
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Neighbour Object Allocation/Freeage
struct rtnl_neighrtnl_neigh_alloc (void)
void rtnl_neigh_put (struct rtnl_neigh *neigh)
Neighbour Cache Managament
int rtnl_neigh_alloc_cache (struct nl_sock *sock, struct nl_cache **result)
 Build a neighbour cache including all neighbours currently configured in the kernel. More...
struct rtnl_neighrtnl_neigh_get (struct nl_cache *cache, int ifindex, struct nl_addr *dst)
 Look up a neighbour by interface index and destination address. More...
Neighbour Addition
int rtnl_neigh_build_add_request (struct rtnl_neigh *tmpl, int flags, struct nl_msg **result)
 Build netlink request message to add a new neighbour. More...
int rtnl_neigh_add (struct nl_sock *sk, struct rtnl_neigh *tmpl, int flags)
 Add a new neighbour. More...
Neighbour Deletion
int rtnl_neigh_build_delete_request (struct rtnl_neigh *neigh, int flags, struct nl_msg **result)
 Build a netlink request message to delete a neighbour. More...
int rtnl_neigh_delete (struct nl_sock *sk, struct rtnl_neigh *neigh, int flags)
 Delete a neighbour. More...
void rtnl_neigh_set_state (struct rtnl_neigh *neigh, int state)
int rtnl_neigh_get_state (struct rtnl_neigh *neigh)
void rtnl_neigh_unset_state (struct rtnl_neigh *neigh, int state)
void rtnl_neigh_set_flags (struct rtnl_neigh *neigh, unsigned int flags)
unsigned int rtnl_neigh_get_flags (struct rtnl_neigh *neigh)
void rtnl_neigh_unset_flags (struct rtnl_neigh *neigh, unsigned int flags)
void rtnl_neigh_set_ifindex (struct rtnl_neigh *neigh, int ifindex)
int rtnl_neigh_get_ifindex (struct rtnl_neigh *neigh)
void rtnl_neigh_set_lladdr (struct rtnl_neigh *neigh, struct nl_addr *addr)
struct nl_addrrtnl_neigh_get_lladdr (struct rtnl_neigh *neigh)
int rtnl_neigh_set_dst (struct rtnl_neigh *neigh, struct nl_addr *addr)
struct nl_addrrtnl_neigh_get_dst (struct rtnl_neigh *neigh)
void rtnl_neigh_set_family (struct rtnl_neigh *neigh, int family)
int rtnl_neigh_get_family (struct rtnl_neigh *neigh)
void rtnl_neigh_set_type (struct rtnl_neigh *neigh, int type)
int rtnl_neigh_get_type (struct rtnl_neigh *neigh)

Neighbour States Translations

char * rtnl_neigh_state2str (int state, char *buf, size_t len)
int rtnl_neigh_str2state (const char *name)

Neighbour Flags Translations

char * rtnl_neigh_flags2str (int flags, char *buf, size_t len)
int rtnl_neigh_str2flag (const char *name)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define NEIGH_DIFF (   ATTR,
)    ATTR_DIFF(attrs, NEIGH_ATTR_##ATTR, a, b, EXPR)