firewalling, NAT, and packet mangling for linux
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handlers.c File Reference
#include <netlink-local.h>
#include <netlink/netlink.h>
#include <netlink/utils.h>
#include <netlink/msg.h>
#include <netlink/handlers.h>
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Callback Handle Management
struct nl_cbnl_cb_alloc (enum nl_cb_kind kind)
 Allocate a new callback handle. More...
struct nl_cbnl_cb_clone (struct nl_cb *orig)
 Clone an existing callback handle. More...
struct nl_cbnl_cb_get (struct nl_cb *cb)
void nl_cb_put (struct nl_cb *cb)
Callback Setup
int nl_cb_set (struct nl_cb *cb, enum nl_cb_type type, enum nl_cb_kind kind, nl_recvmsg_msg_cb_t func, void *arg)
 Set up a callback. More...
int nl_cb_set_all (struct nl_cb *cb, enum nl_cb_kind kind, nl_recvmsg_msg_cb_t func, void *arg)
 Set up a all callbacks. More...
int nl_cb_err (struct nl_cb *cb, enum nl_cb_kind kind, nl_recvmsg_err_cb_t func, void *arg)
 Set up an error callback. More...
void nl_cb_overwrite_recvmsgs (struct nl_cb *cb, int(*func)(struct nl_sock *, struct nl_cb *))
 Overwrite internal calls to nl_recvmsgs() More...
void nl_cb_overwrite_recv (struct nl_cb *cb, int(*func)(struct nl_sock *, struct sockaddr_nl *, unsigned char **, struct ucred **))
 Overwrite internal calls to nl_recv() More...
void nl_cb_overwrite_send (struct nl_cb *cb, int(*func)(struct nl_sock *, struct nl_msg *))
 Overwrite internal calls to nl_send() More...