firewalling, NAT, and packet mangling for linux
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Generic Netlink Family
Collaboration diagram for Generic Netlink Family:

Family Object

struct genl_familygenl_family_alloc (void)
void genl_family_put (struct genl_family *family)


unsigned int genl_family_get_id (struct genl_family *family)
void genl_family_set_id (struct genl_family *family, unsigned int id)
char * genl_family_get_name (struct genl_family *family)
void genl_family_set_name (struct genl_family *family, const char *name)
uint8_t genl_family_get_version (struct genl_family *family)
void genl_family_set_version (struct genl_family *family, uint8_t version)
uint32_t genl_family_get_hdrsize (struct genl_family *family)
void genl_family_set_hdrsize (struct genl_family *family, uint32_t hdrsize)
uint32_t genl_family_get_maxattr (struct genl_family *family)
void genl_family_set_maxattr (struct genl_family *family, uint32_t maxattr)
int genl_family_add_op (struct genl_family *family, int id, int flags)

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

int genl_family_add_op ( struct genl_family family,
int  id,
int  flags 
struct genl_family* genl_family_alloc ( void  )

References nl_object_alloc().

Here is the call graph for this function:

uint32_t genl_family_get_hdrsize ( struct genl_family family)

References gf_hdrsize.

unsigned int genl_family_get_id ( struct genl_family family)

References GENL_ID_GENERATE, and gf_id.

Referenced by genl_ctrl_resolve().

Here is the caller graph for this function:

uint32_t genl_family_get_maxattr ( struct genl_family family)

References gf_maxattr.

char* genl_family_get_name ( struct genl_family family)

References gf_name, and NULL.

uint8_t genl_family_get_version ( struct genl_family family)

References gf_version.

void genl_family_put ( struct genl_family family)

References nl_object_put().

Referenced by genl_ctrl_resolve().

Here is the call graph for this function:

Here is the caller graph for this function:

void genl_family_set_hdrsize ( struct genl_family family,
uint32_t  hdrsize 

References gf_hdrsize.

void genl_family_set_id ( struct genl_family family,
unsigned int  id 

References gf_id, and id.

void genl_family_set_maxattr ( struct genl_family family,
uint32_t  maxattr 

References gf_maxattr.

void genl_family_set_name ( struct genl_family family,
const char *  name 

References GENL_NAMSIZ, and gf_name.

void genl_family_set_version ( struct genl_family family,
uint8_t  version 

References gf_version, and version.