firewalling, NAT, and packet mangling for linux
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extern.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  attr_grp_bitmask


const set_attr set_attr_array []
const get_attr get_attr_array []
const copy_attr copy_attr_array []
const filter_attr filter_attr_array []
const set_attr_grp set_attr_grp_array []
const get_attr_grp get_attr_grp_array []
const set_exp_attr set_exp_attr_array []
const get_exp_attr get_exp_attr_array []
const struct attr_grp_bitmask attr_grp_bitmask [ATTR_GRP_MAX]
const set_filter_dump_attr set_filter_dump_attr_array []
const char *const l3proto2str [AF_MAX]
const char *const proto2str [IPPROTO_MAX]
const char *const states [TCP_CONNTRACK_MAX]
const char *const sctp_states [SCTP_CONNTRACK_MAX]
const char *const dccp_states [DCCP_CONNTRACK_MAX]

Variable Documentation

const copy_attr copy_attr_array[]

Referenced by nfct_copy(), and nfct_copy_attr().

const char* const dccp_states[DCCP_CONNTRACK_MAX]
const filter_attr filter_attr_array[]

Referenced by nfct_filter_add_attr().

const get_attr get_attr_array[]

Referenced by nfct_get_attr().

const get_attr_grp get_attr_grp_array[]

Referenced by nfct_get_attr_grp().

const get_exp_attr get_exp_attr_array[]

Referenced by nfexp_get_attr().

const char* const l3proto2str[AF_MAX]

Referenced by __l3proto2str().

const char* const proto2str[IPPROTO_MAX]

Referenced by __proto2str(), and __snprintf_protocol().

const char* const sctp_states[SCTP_CONNTRACK_MAX]
const set_attr set_attr_array[]

Referenced by nfct_set_attr_l().

const set_attr_grp set_attr_grp_array[]

Referenced by nfct_set_attr_grp().

const set_exp_attr set_exp_attr_array[]

Referenced by nfexp_set_attr().

const set_filter_dump_attr set_filter_dump_attr_array[]
const char* const states[TCP_CONNTRACK_MAX]