firewalling, NAT, and packet mangling for linux
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ematch.c File Reference
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Module Registration
int rtnl_ematch_register (struct rtnl_ematch_ops *ops)
 Register ematch module. More...
int rtnl_ematch_unregister (struct rtnl_ematch_ops *ops)
 Unregister ematch module. More...
struct rtnl_ematch_opsrtnl_ematch_lookup_ops (int kind)
 Lookup ematch module by kind. More...
struct rtnl_ematch_opsrtnl_ematch_lookup_ops_name (const char *name)
 Lookup ematch module by name. More...
struct rtnl_ematchrtnl_ematch_alloc (struct rtnl_ematch_ops *ops)
void rtnl_ematch_add_child (struct rtnl_ematch *parent, struct rtnl_ematch *child)
 Add ematch to the end of the parent's list of children. More...
void rtnl_ematch_unlink (struct rtnl_ematch *ematch)
 Remove ematch from the list it is linked to. More...
void rtnl_ematch_free (struct rtnl_ematch *ematch)
void rtnl_ematch_set_flags (struct rtnl_ematch *ematch, uint16_t flags)
void rtnl_ematch_unset_flags (struct rtnl_ematch *ematch, uint16_t flags)
uint16_t rtnl_ematch_get_flags (struct rtnl_ematch *ematch)
void * rtnl_ematch_data (struct rtnl_ematch *ematch)


struct rtnl_ematch_treertnl_ematch_tree_alloc (uint16_t progid)
void rtnl_ematch_tree_free (struct rtnl_ematch_tree *tree)
void rtnl_ematch_tree_add_tail (struct rtnl_ematch_tree *tree, struct rtnl_ematch *ematch)
int rtnl_ematch_parse (struct nlattr *attr, struct rtnl_ematch_tree **result)
 Parse ematch netlink attributes. More...
void rtnl_ematch_tree_dump (struct rtnl_ematch_tree *tree, struct nl_dump_params *p)