firewalling, NAT, and packet mangling for linux
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qdisc.h File Reference
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#define nl_cli_qdisc_alloc_cache(sk)


struct rtnl_qdiscnl_cli_qdisc_alloc (void)
void nl_cli_qdisc_parse_dev (struct rtnl_qdisc *, struct nl_cache *, char *)
void nl_cli_qdisc_parse_parent (struct rtnl_qdisc *, char *)
void nl_cli_qdisc_parse_handle (struct rtnl_qdisc *, char *)
void nl_cli_qdisc_parse_kind (struct rtnl_qdisc *, char *)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define nl_cli_qdisc_alloc_cache (   sk)
nl_cli_alloc_cache((sk), "queueing disciplines", \
int rtnl_qdisc_alloc_cache(struct nl_sock *, struct nl_cache **)
Build a qdisc cache including all qdiscs currently configured in the kernel.
Definition: qdisc.c:386
struct nl_cache * nl_cli_alloc_cache(struct nl_sock *, const char *, int(*ac)(struct nl_sock *, struct nl_cache **))
Definition: utils.c:132

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