firewalling, NAT, and packet mangling for linux
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class.h File Reference
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struct rtnl_classrtnl_class_alloc (void)
void rtnl_class_put (struct rtnl_class *)
int rtnl_class_alloc_cache (struct nl_sock *, int, struct nl_cache **)
 Build a class cache including all classes attached to the specified interface. More...
struct rtnl_classrtnl_class_get (struct nl_cache *, int, uint32_t)
 Look up class by its handle in the provided cache. More...
struct rtnl_qdiscrtnl_class_leaf_qdisc (struct rtnl_class *, struct nl_cache *)
 Lookup the leaf qdisc of a class. More...
int rtnl_class_build_add_request (struct rtnl_class *, int, struct nl_msg **)
 Build a netlink message to add a new class. More...
int rtnl_class_add (struct nl_sock *, struct rtnl_class *, int)
 Add a new class. More...
int rtnl_class_build_delete_request (struct rtnl_class *, struct nl_msg **)
int rtnl_class_delete (struct nl_sock *, struct rtnl_class *)
 Delete a class. More...
void rtnl_class_set_ifindex (struct rtnl_class *, int)
int rtnl_class_get_ifindex (struct rtnl_class *)
void rtnl_class_set_handle (struct rtnl_class *, uint32_t)
uint32_t rtnl_class_get_handle (struct rtnl_class *)
void rtnl_class_set_parent (struct rtnl_class *, uint32_t)
uint32_t rtnl_class_get_parent (struct rtnl_class *)
void rtnl_class_set_kind (struct rtnl_class *, const char *)
char * rtnl_class_get_kind (struct rtnl_class *)
uint64_t rtnl_class_get_stat (struct rtnl_class *, enum rtnl_tc_stats_id)
void rtnl_class_foreach_child (struct rtnl_class *, struct nl_cache *, void(*cb)(struct nl_object *, void *), void *)
 Call a callback for each child of a class. More...
void rtnl_class_foreach_cls (struct rtnl_class *, struct nl_cache *, void(*cb)(struct nl_object *, void *), void *)
 Call a callback for each classifier attached to the class. More...


struct nl_object_ops class_obj_ops