firewalling, NAT, and packet mangling for linux
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class.c File Reference
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int rtnl_class_build_add_request (struct rtnl_class *class, int flags, struct nl_msg **result)
 Build a netlink message to add a new class. More...
int rtnl_class_add (struct nl_sock *sk, struct rtnl_class *class, int flags)
 Add a new class. More...
int rtnl_class_build_delete_request (struct rtnl_class *class, struct nl_msg **result)
int rtnl_class_delete (struct nl_sock *sk, struct rtnl_class *class)
 Delete a class. More...
Cache Management
int rtnl_class_alloc_cache (struct nl_sock *sk, int ifindex, struct nl_cache **result)
 Build a class cache including all classes attached to the specified interface. More...
struct rtnl_classrtnl_class_get (struct nl_cache *cache, int ifindex, uint32_t handle)
 Look up class by its handle in the provided cache. More...