Thursday August 30:
While helping me with dinner on Thursday night, Patrick sliced his thumb on the lid of a can he was rinsing at the sink. The cut was deep and long, so I took him to the ER at KGH, where they determined he had cut through the tendon. At this point, it became more serious than getting a few stiches and sending us home.

Friday August 31:
On Friday morning, I dropped the other 3 kids off at Mimi's, and then Kathie, Patrick, and I headed off to KGH to wait for his surgery. The 90 minute wait while the plastic surgeon fixed his hand was painfully long. So now he has a splint cast on his arm for the next 3 weeks while it heals.

Never a lack of excitement when Patrick is around...!

Wednesday September 5:
Kathie had to re-bandage his hand tonight, so I took a picture of his thumb with the stiches.

Friday September 7:
Now that the swelling has gone down from last week's surgery, Patrick has a full cast on his arm. Of course, he picked blue. Unfortunately (for him!) I found out he's going to have it for 5 to 6 weeks.

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