This project has been "on hold" for the longest time. For over a year, I've had a plastic sheet in the downstairs shower due to cracks in the grout, tiles falling off the wall, and a large gap between the top of the tub and the lowest row of tiles. I tried several times to seal the gap with silicone, but the tub actually travelled maybe 3/4" between being empty and when someone would stand in it.


I think there are 2 problems that contributed to the gap, which in turn caused the moisture issue behind the wall.

  1. First, it seems that over the past 20 years since this house was built, the cement slab settled about 1/2". Now that I've removed the tub, this is easy to see since the 2 slabs meet at the edge of the wall beneath the tub.
  2. Second, it looks like a tiny block of wood was used to level the tub. So the weight of the entire tub was resting on on this block instead of resting on the five-foot long 2"x4" cross-piece.

Here is what I've done:


(See October 2012 for the continuation...)

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