Something my father told me years ago when I was probably about 8 years old. I tried to have the same conversation with Jolie tonight at the dinner table. It went like this:

"Denis is nearly 4 years old. Jolie, you're 8, so that makes you exactly twice his age.
But in 4 years, when Denis is 8, you'll be 12. That means you'll now be only 1.5 times older than your brother, instead of 2 times older.
In a few more years, when you're 20, Denis will be 16. Meaning you'll only be 1.25 times older than him.
See the trend? Every year he gets closer to catching up to your age. Eventually, this will probably mean Denis will be older than you!"

At this point, I was expecting some math questions or confusion at the very least. But instead, with no warning, Jolie burst into tears and ran away from the dinner table yelling how she hated her brother's birthday.

Not exactly the reaction I thought I'd get.

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