I've been talking about re-painting the exterior of the house for some time. Last fall, I actually cut down all the vines growing on the side of the house knowing that this summer would be the year it finally gets done.

So I dug up the remnants of the vines that started growing on the house again. Dug the rocks away from the side of the house. Pressure washed all walls, both the 2nd story and the ground floor. And bought a stucco repair kit to fix all the little holes we had, as well as the not-so-little holes from last month's outdoor renovation project.

Since the stucco is still drying, I started with the doors first. All the doors will be yellow, and the house will be chocolate brown to match the roof.

...but in the meantime, a local painter I had contacted for a quote offered me a good deal. And so while I got the garage and the other doors done in a weekend, they'll probably finish the entire exterior of the house in a couple of days. The thought of me not having to climb up ladders carrying a roller and buckets of paint was too much to pass up. Good thing I sold my car last month!

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