Back in October, I bought some lumber to make a bed. But I didn't get around to starting the project until now.

Lots of sanding, and I got to use my router which I don't get to use very often.

The plan is simple: the 2 very large pieces were split down the middle to make the 4 posts measuring 4¼" x 1½" x 8'. Then build two boxes measuring 39"x75" for the beds. The first box will be 13" off the ground, while the top bunk will be about 48" off the ground. A bunch of rails permanently attached to the foot will be the ladder.

Staining took a few evenings, mostly because I didn't have much room to lay the pieces out to dry.

I had to re-route almost all of the end pieces to ensure the brackets fit flush. (The decision to use these brackets meant more work and planning, but once the bed is finished you wont see a single screw or bracket.)

Assembly has begun! Believe it or not, I haven't had a chance to test fit a single piece until tonight. Everything was planned out in my head, but until I started putting the pieces together I wasn't 100% certain it was going to work...

Everything is now put together; this weekend I'll go out and buy Denis a matress and sheets.

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