Spent the weekend camping with the family. We're really making use of the RV this year. Only mid-May, and already 3 camping outtings completed.

(Someone reminded me this weekend that "camping" in a motorhome isn't really camping. I guess it is only called camping if you are sleeping in a wet, cold tent and having a bad time...!)

Regardless, yet again we had fun. We were staying at Cedar's Campground, just east of Sicamous in an unincorporated area called Malakwa. As far as the kids are concerned, the level of fun increases in direct proportions with the size of the playground. This place is now at the top of their list.

Note to anyone traveling with children on Hwy #1 between Revelstoke and Sicamous: you must make a stop at the Enchanted Forest! Schedule about 2 hours to walk through it. Our kids absolutely loved it. And as much as I was reluctant to go at first when Kathie and I were discussing it, I must admit I was pleasantly surprised.

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