The opportunity to take an interesting vacation came up in July. I was between jobs, and a family reunion for my side of the family was coming up in 2 weeks.

So Kathie and I took the kids on a 4-week cross-country vacation. We left Kelowna on July 17, travelled through the mountains, across the prairies, and eventually made our way to New York where we stayed for 4 days visiting Kathie's family. On August 1st, we made our way up to Gatineau to see my family, where we stayed for another 4 days before starting the return trip back to British Columbia.

We got back to Kelowna on Thursday August 14, having been away from home for 29 days. In 21 days of driving, we covered 10683 KM (6638 miles), which is an average of 508 KM (316 miles) per day!

Not bad when you consider that we had the 3 kids with us, and that a large portion of that driving was done at night after the kids were sleeping in their car seat!

Several highlights from the trip:

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