Paul Lake is a provincial campground located just northeast of Kamloops. Took us about 2.5 hours to get there driving from Kelowna to Merrit on Hwy #97C and then to Kamloops on Hwy #5.

Patrick has just recently started to walk, and he still spends most of his time crawling. This is obvious when you see him all muddy after crawling around the campsite.

Gibralter Rock is a 2km hike from the campground on a nice wide trail. The last 300 meters of the trail is a bit steep for a stroller, but the view from the top is incredible. (Ok, so part of the view was not that great.)

We had a bit of rain over a single 24-hour period, but the rest of our days were sunny and hot. At night, the temperature would quickly drop to somewhere in the low teens or single digits, but with blankets and good sleeping bags it wasn't too bad. If only Paul Lake had showers... (Boy, am I spoiled! I don't know if I could camp anymore the way I used to in my teens and early twenties, back in Ontario's Algonquin Park with no running water and basic thunder boxes versus pit toilets and flush toilets! Ah, the good old days on Big Otter Slide and Little Otter Slide off Canoe Lake.)

These two pictures are my favorites of Mom with the family, and myself with Jolie.

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