Chris and Dani were back in Kelowna for the weekend, so we got to visit with them and their 2 children, Philip and Margaret.

Philip spent the afternoon and evening running around and playing with Jolie. It was nice to see him so energetic, considering that the last time we saw him was back in early June at Patrick's birthday party. Just days after the birthday party is when Philip was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma. Philip is starting his 4th round of chemotherapy in the next few days.

You'd think that Margaret and Patrick would be playing together, but they pretty much ignored each other tonight. Except for a cute kiss and a hug that Patrick gave her which we didn't get on camera...

(Chris, Danielle, Kathie and myself were in the same childbirth class back in 2001. Kathie and I had just moved to Kelowna, and if I remember correctly this was about the same time that Chris and Danielle were dealing with Western Star leaving Kelowna. Philip was born a few days before Jolie in January 2002, and we've tried to get together every few months to catch up and share stories on our children. The earliest pictures of Philip on my web site is early March 2002 when he was just 5 or 6 weeks old -- he's on the right taking a nap while Joshua is on the left and Jolie is in the middle. Here are two more cute pictures of Philip, the first when he was one, and then one year later when he turned two.)

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