I've been offered a new job, in another part of the province. The city is called Kelowna, and while I wont name the company just yet, Kat and I have really been thinking about it. Leaving Vancouver where we purchased our house just little more than 1 year ago seems crazy, but the work seems exctiting, and I have been very frustrated with the contract work I've done over the last few years.

They flew us into Kelowna for a long weekend, to give both of us some time to look at the city, and for me to participate in a 6-hour long interview process. You'll note these first few pictures are dated March 3.

Now almost 1 month later (end of March), and I've accepted the offer! We're going into Kelowna again this weekend to try and find a house. Seems like it was all done so quickly...no real time to think about much...but that is our style, isn't it?

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