T-Shirts Through Winter
Another American tollgate has come & gone; I just finished my first IRS 1040. Even with all of the fuss over the forms to determine if I qualify as a "resident alien" or "non-resident alien", I found these forms much easier than the standard Canadian T1 + provincial forms.

David, Melanie, Kat and myself went to the Renaissance Fair not far south of WPB at the end of January. As far as I know, we don't have these, huh, interesting fairs back in Canada. Many seem to take it very seriously, dressing up in full body armor, walking around barefoot carrying renaissance-era weapons, etc. We witnessed a joust, knife and axe throwing competitions, and Kat had her hair done up just before she decided to give in to temptation and purchase an outfit.

In hindsight, the reason we probably don't have these up in Canada is because we feel ridiculous enough 10 months out of every year walking around with ear muffs, tuques, gloves, and puffed-up down-filled bright yellow jackets with 12-inch thick rubber boots to ward off snow, slush and road salt.

Dave let me borrow his brand new Kodak DC260 so I can work on DCITU. This camera takes much better pictures than my older DC210!

More Kayaking Pictures

Not far from our place is the Loxahatchee river boat rental, where we often pick up either canoes or kayaks for the weekend.

We've been seeing more alligators lately, since the water level has dropped so low.

As you'll see from the rest of the pictures on this page, the second dam is where we spend most of our time.

Unfortunately, the kayak that I like to use isn't very good to use when going over the dam; without the skirt, it takes on quite a lot of water after going off the dam.

When going over the dam started to get boring, we started going over backwards...

...and when going backwards started getting dull, someone dared me to try going sideways off the dam! Well...I wasn't one to let something like that slip by!
Of course, this is what happens when I try stupid things like going over the dam backwards, with my eyes closed...!

Huh...Dave? You there? Care to explain this one for me?

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Stéphane Charette, 15 March, 1999