Canoeing in Jonathan Dickinson
We went out last weekend to the Canoe Outfitters of Florida, just out past Jupiter, where I rented a canoe for the first time since my last trip to Algonquin a few years ago.

I'm a bit dissapointed at the images from my digital camera. Seems the high contrast between the sky and the bushes on either side made many of the images grainy, requiring me to use a low-pass filter to clean them up.
Note the root system of the second three growing around the first.

Halfway through the day-trip is this small wooden dam, were we stopped for a quick dip. While Kat saw one small baby alligator at the start of the trip, we didn't see much else than turtles and birds.

I've since been told there are many water mocasins (a poisonous snake) in this area, and the infamous alligator attack where a young cub scout was killed a few years ago happened just downriver from this dam.

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Stéphane Charette, 28 November, 1998