For Jaime's birthday, Jodi planned a suprise party for him at her new house.

Many of us from work got together and purchased him a GPS -- this is something that he's talked about a few times, including the time we went hiking back in June.
...maybe we should've gotten a GPS for John as well?!

Now this is obviously the place to sit for the first part of the evening...or at least until Dave and Pat decided to entertain us with the show later on!

We decided Jaime should be the first one to get a taste of the cake Trish baked...! tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor!

And here you have it -- the only two pictures of me for the entire evening. Figures that one of them would be me dancing with another guy! :)

Meanwhile, back outside, Pat and Dave entertained us all with a strip show of rare quality! Next time, we'll have to charge admission for people who wish to see Pat and Dave in action.

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Stéphane Charette, 27 September, 1998