Well, I may have slacked off in August, but I'm making up for it in September! :)

We tend to have some pretty intense lightning storms. Just a few days ago, this tree just outside my appartment was struck, splitting it right down the middle.
I decided to try some night photography with my digital camera. While it didn't quite work out the way I thought, I did get some interesting pictures of the Jupiter lighthouse.
September 25, 1998
Hurricane Georges caused quite a stir in the area! As the first bands from the storm reached the West Palm Beach area, winds were supposed to reach between 40 and 60 miles per hour. There were reports of a tornado in Jupiter during the night, so I decided I'd bring the bike into the house to protect it from flying debris outside.

This is it! I've been thinking about it for a while, and now I went ahead and purchased my plane ticket! For only 59$, I have a 4-day return-trip plane ticket to Freeport, Bahamas!
The irony in regards to this trip, is that the drive to Miami airport (in early morning traffic) took me 2 hours, while the flight itself is about 40 minutes! From the beach, you can tell it was worth it. :)

One of the most intersting sunrise I've ever seen! I'd slept on the beach the night before, and woke up just in time to start taking some pictures of the rising sun.

About 6 miles outside of Port Lucaya is the Garden of the Groves. I left early on Saturday morning, and hiked out to the Garden where I took these images.
Instead of going back to Port Lucaya the same way, I headed south to the water and then followed the beach; all along the beaches are small bars, stands and restaurants selling everything from juice to various conch meals.
In the center of the Port Lucaya marketplace is an area where the locals have a band and an act every night. You have to understand that the entire (a-hum) "town" of Port Lucaya -- the largest town on the Grand Bahama Island -- is maybe just slightly bigger than the size of a typical supermarket grocery store!
On Saturday night, I ran into a group of people also from the States. You can tell I've had a bit too much sun, and Lesa's also had a bit too much to drink!

Sunday was a very uneventful day, with the exception of a boat tour to do some snorkeling on the reefs outside of Port Lucaya. Unfortunately, motion-sickness and I don't mix very well, but I still enjoyed very much the chance to swim on the reef with the many types of fish. No pictures, sorry; my camera isn't waterproof!

On Sunday evening, I noticed many of the businesses in Port Lucaya were putting up signs saying "Gone on vacation -- will be back in October." Some of the locals explained to me that the slowest time of the year starts this week, so I decided that I'd come back to Florida first chance on Monday.

Monday morning, I took a taxi out to the airport, and changed my ticket to come back at noon instead of 6pm. The only things about my trip that I regret, is that (once again!) I ended up taking a vacation alone; next time I have the chance to go to the Bahamas, I'll make certain I have someone with whom to go. :)

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Stéphane Charette, 18 September, 1998