Dave, one of his friends Greg, and myself, all went down to Glades City to find some alligators. Unfortunately, the lack of rain these past 2 months has caused the salt content of the everglades to be much higher than usual, and all of the alligators have moved further inland. Nevertheless, it was entertaining to take the airboat ride through part of the everglades.

After all these years of having long hair...! I cut it short just days before I went to Japan last October, but now I've decided to cut it back to the way I had it during high school.
Chris lately commented on the fact that most of my digital images are taken at arms-length. So just for you, Chris, I'm taking this picture to be sure you don't forget what your older-and-much-wiser brother looks like. :)

The Florida fires from a few weeks ago have taken a big toll on many counties to the North of us. This area, near West Palm Beach, was not affected as much as others.

These images were taken along Military Trail, close to Donald Ross Road. As you can see, various green plants and trees have begun growing back.

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Stéphane Charette, 28 July, 1998