Here are some pictures from our hike in DuPuis Reserve on Saturday June 6, 1998.

We may have teased Dave about his car, but he was kind enough to get all five of us to the park.
Here is what we all should have been doing prior to starting the day's hike!
Note that Dave has brought his sleeping bag with him, to practice for our big hike in 2 weeks.
What I'm starting to get to know as "typical" scenery in this part of Florida: perfectly flat terain, with wide open "forest" areas without any underbrush.
Jodi kindly demonstrated the local rain dance for us...
Jodi, Mom, Dave, and Jaime.

We stopped for an early 11am lunch at the junction of the second & third loop.

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Stéphane Charette, 17 June, 1998