Jaime and I went hiking today in the Jonathan Dickinson State Park, located just a few miles north of Jupiter, where I live. We hiked a total of 10 miles, in preparation for our Tennessee hike in 2 weeks.

Note the vegetation -- not quite the same scenery as what you'd find where I've lived so far in Ontario, Québec, or BC!
There was an unusual amount of biting black flies, somewhat like those also found in Algonquin in late May and early June, though bigger, like horse flies. As you can see, we devised a method by which to keep them off the back of our legs.
We stopped for lunch on a small wooden bridge that spanned some swampy water. (Remember the Tim Swamp in Algonquin?) Strangely enough, the bugs didn't bother us here.
We waited around for a crocodile, since this park is known to have some; however, I'll have to wait until another time before I get a chance to see one.
Here is a massive grasshopper! I'd never seen one as large or as colourful as this one! As I was getting closer to it for a picture, Jaime warned me not to get too close since they're poisonous!

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Stéphane Charette, 30 May, 1998