You will never believe what I did this weekend!
(All of these images were taken on Sunday May 17, 1998.)

Jaime, Jodi, myself and Dave (not in this picture) drove out to Okeechobee Lake, about 1 hour south-west from where we live.
This little trip is something that we'd initially talked about doing last Friday evening when we all went out to the Crab Pot after work.
Note the area in the back of the hangar. Note what the guy in back is currently preparing...!?
Here is Jaime and Jodi watching the packs being prepared. This image was initally very dark, which is why it looks very "grainy" since I had to fix it up.
Here are Jaime and Jodi having their harnesses fitted. Because we're not certified, we're going "tandem"-style, which means that an instructor is tied to us and jumps at the same time as us.

All three of us, Jodi, myself and Jaime, geared up and ready to go; on the left is the instructor with whom I jumped.
The small plane we were on had 11 skydivers, plus the pilot. One of the experienced divers jumped at 5000 feet, while the rest of us stayed on for our full ride, which was scheduled to start at 15000 feet! Total time of ascent was somewhere around 15 to 20 minutes.
Curious to see what parachutes look like from 5000 feet!? We jumped one after the other, first Jaime, then myself, followed by Jodi. From 15000 feet to 5000 feet was a thrilling 60 second free-fall! This picture shows us somewhere around 5000 feet just after the parachutes are opened up.

And for the landing, first comes Jaime...
...then myself...
...followed by Jodi!

The four of us, squinting into the sun! The entire ride home (courtesy of Driver Dave) was spent with each of us taking turns shaking our head and saying "I cannot believe that I just jumped out of a plane!"

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Stéphane Charette, 17 May, 1998