Genevieve called me Friday night to say that she'd be arriving in Miami on Saturday May 23. She's starting a 3-month cruise ship job on Sunday, so we decided to meet up at the hotel where she was staying. This was the first time that I drove down to Miami from Jupiter!

We decided to go to Miami South Beach, apparently the best beaches in the Miami area. Thing is, the lady that I asked for directions either pointed us off in the wrong direction, or I misunderstood her, because we ended up nowhere near the Miami South Beach area!
Note that I finally found them on Sunday after Genevieve left, so I know where to go the next time someone comes down to Miami!

This is the view at 9pm from the balcony on the 12th floor!

...don't mess with Genevieve!
We didn't have much time to spend together on Sunday; she had to be at the boat by 11am. With her bags prepared the night before, we had breakfast at a cafe on the first floor of the hotel, after which she took a taxi to the Port of Miami.
This is the ship on which Genevieve will spend the rest of the summer. The ship docks in Miami for only a few short hours each week, so we probably wont see each other again for a while.

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Stéphane Charette, 25 May, 1998