Needless to say, many things have changed in the last month! Sometime at the start of March, I saw an ad on comp.os.os2.programming.misc for an OS/2 C++ programming position at IMI Inc., located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. There was no longer any work for me at the Hongkong Bank of Canada, so I gave the my 2 week notice, obtained the necessary NAFTA papers to work in the U.S., and thus here I am!

I need not try to explain that it was somewhat of a culture shock to suddenly find myself in Florida! As you can see, I went from winter camping, snow shelters and the constant Vancouver winter rain to warm beaches, shorts, and T-shirts!

March 30, 1998
I'd arrived the previous afternoon, and this was my very first morning in Florida. At 4am, unable to sleep any longer, I made my way to the beach at Singer Island, where I waited for the sunrise.

These same images are also available in high-resolution:

April 3, 1998
Taking advantage of the good weather, I decided to get myself a new motorcycle. I hadn't ridden one since I sold the GPZ-305 back in the spring of 1993, but it didn't take long to get the feeling back!
April 26, 1998
This image was taken in the parking lot outside my appartment, while the previous image was taken inside the courtyard.
April 26, 1998
Here is the entrance to the complex. The town of Jupiter, where I live, is 9 miles North of where I work in Palm Beach Gardens, so it does not take me long to get to work in the morning.
April 26, 1998
A popular housing environment is called a "quad", in which a series of 4 townhomes are attached together in a cross-shape instead of in a linear fashion. The window on the far right is the kitchen.
April 26, 1998
Inside the courtyard, you can see the den on the left, the dining room & kitchen through the second set of patio doors on the right, the master bedroom upstairs on the left, and the spare bedroom upstairs on the right.

April 26, 1998
This is the appartment; the den, the dinning room & kitchen, and the master bedroom upstairs. Each bedroom has a bathroom, plus an additional small bathroom downstairs next to the stairs. (You can't see it in these pictures.)

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Stéphane Charette, 26 April, 1998