All of the Viper set pictures were taken on Monday January 26, 1998, while the last hobby picture was taken on Wednesday January 28, 1998.

The infamous Viper television series -- which is just a modern-day version of the old Knight Rider show -- was filming just outside my appartment building. I went to take a look, and took my camera with me.
In this episode, the car was chased through some downtown Vancouver street, before being hit by a missile and blowing up. Note that it took them about 30 minutes to hook up the propane tanks and lines to get the right "effect".
Oops! Almost got in trouble for this picture! I hadn't noticed that the flash had been activated! Needless to say, many crew hands were running around trying to figure out where the flash came from. Since I was taking pictures with the camera in my lap, it was thankfully overlooked.
As soon as they yell "Cut!", firefighters rush to put out the fire. It took maybe 4 or 5 minutes to get the fire out. On the complete left of the picture, you can see the lights to my appartment building.
Here is the infamous Defender, the bullet-proof car with 1001 features that is always used to capture the "bad guys".
This is taken facing West, just outside of Stanley Park. You can see one of the film crew trailers in back of the car, with the Viper name.
This one I took especially for Chris, who laughed tonight when I told him I bought another Lego model! Craig's wife, Glennis, bought me the black and yellow buggy on the left for Christmas, and since then, I went out and bought the tow truck (when Barb was here) and then the motorcycle yesterday. Long live Lego!

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Stéphane Charette, 28 January, 1998