All of these images were taken on Friday January 16, 1998.

Scouts Canada was having a weekend winter training camp for the leaders, to which I was invited. From Vancouver, we drove East into the mountains, just past Hope. Note the size of Craig's van; there must be enough room in there for 12 passengers, though on this weekend we had it packed to the ceiling with supplies!
This is Craig. The area we finally chose for our camp is to the left.
The initial trench we were supposed to dig out should have been only 2 or 3 feet deep, but ended up being closer to 4 or 5. (This was my fault...over zealous with the shovel I guess!) This later caused us a few problems. Note that Sue is starting the right side, while Jean and Carl have begun bringing in the wood that will become the frame.
Carl, Craig, and Sue.
Starting at the end that will eventually become the front of our shelter, the wooden frame is slowly assembled. In the back, we can see the tarp that covers Claude's shelter.
It is starting to get dark, and the frame is almost all assembled though not yet upright.
This is where the deep trench initially started on the left caused us problems. In order for the frame to sit straight in the snow, we had to make certain that both trenches were the same depth. However, the depth made it particularly difficult to bend the frame without breaking the wood.
With a roof over our head, we're now busy at work clearing out the middle section for living space. Note how the right-hand-side is leaning against the snow bank instead of being seated in the trench as was initially planned, and the extra pieces we're using as support.
Welcome to our shelter! The stove in the foreground was recently purchased by Craig, and is composed of hinged parts that fold into a compact cardboard box -- very convenient!

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Stéphane Charette, 24 January, 1998