9:29, Saturday January 17, 1998
14:25, Saturday January 17, 1998
Sitting around in the shelter, with the turkey dinner cooking on the stove! Carl, le Chef, made us the best dinner anyone could hope to get: baked potatoes, stir-fried vegetables, and turkey with gravy and cranberry sauce!
14:26, Saturday January 17, 1998
Note how we spent part of Saturday morning digging out the right wall to give ourselves much more space to sit around the stove. The night before, the snow wall had come up right next to the stove. Digging out this space almost doubled in size the area in our shelter.
14:40, Saturday January 17, 1998
The man himself, Carl, who kept us not only well-fed but entertained all weekend with his funny fantasies!
8:45, Sunday January 18, 1998

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Stéphane Charette, 24 January, 1998