These pictures were taken on the second part of my trip to California in December of 1997. I purchased my digital camera on my second day in San Francisco, and I took my first pictures with it (Alcatraz!) just a few hours later.

I did not actually visit Alcatraz; this was taken from the docks in San Francisco bay, looking towards the island.
This image was taken just outside Berkeley, heading west from San Francisco on the evening that I bought my camera. What I was actually wanted to to see in the picture were all of the windmills on top of the hills surrounding the highway. You can barely make them out though.
Some neat-looking windmills taken at the same place as above. Unfortunately, it was getting too dark by then.
This is where I slept on this trip. :) Taken about halfway up California. By this time the next night, I would be back in Vancouver.
Same thing as above.
This is taken on the morning of my last day. Shortly after I entered Oregon, the weather turned foul and the rest of the trip (until 23:00 that night) was spent in snow and rain.
Same thing as above. I'm not certain what is the name of the snow peak in the background.

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Stéphane Charette, 15 January, 1998