Here are some of my personal favorites.

October, 1996
This picture was taken at Lac Larouche, just outside of Sherbrooke, Québec, back when I was president of Bishop's University Rock Climbing club. It was Chris' first year at Bishop's, and Jean had come down to visit us for the weekend.
August 2, 1997
Taken close to the head of the trail that goes up behind Wedge Mountain, located about 1/2 hour North of Whistler, BC. This was part of a 2-day weekend camping trip.
August 2, 1997
Taken close to the summit of the Wedge Mountain hiking trail. The tent was pitched not too far from the lake behind me. Further behind is the glacier (Wedge Glacier?) that was visited early the next day.
August 3, 1997
This picture was taken early on Sunday morning, before packing things up to go back down the mountain.
March 3, 1998
Now this is gaming taken to a new level! I downloaded a bunch of games for the Palm Pilot from the Internet, and transfered them over so I have something new to play!
March 27, 1998
King Hoser himself! One of the few pictures I have of my youngest brother!
April 28, 1998
Voici une photo que j'ai pris de moi-même le soir que Sylvie m'a envoyé un ficher .WAV pour la première fois!

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