Digital Camera Image Transfer Utility

Technical support will be provided, to the best of our abilities, to all users of DCITU. If you are having problems with DCITU, please review the following checklist of common problems:

If you are experiencing problems connecting to your digital camera and require technical support assistance, please follow these 8 steps:
  1. start DCITU
  2. press F11 to enable the debug window; if the debug window is already enabled on startup, skip to step #5
  3. quit from DCITU
  4. re-start DCITU
    • this ensures that the debug window is enabled from the very start, thereby logging all of the DCITU startup information
  5. note the filename given in the 5th line of the debug window
  6. try to re-create the problem
    • e.g., if the problem occurs only when you delete an image, then connect to your camera and delete an image
  7. quit from DCITU
  8. include as an e-mail attachment the debug log file as stated in step #5
Once you have the dcitu.log file, send an e-mail description of the problem to and include the log file as an attachment.
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