Digital Camera Image Transfer Utility

Notice in regards to DCITU's transfer speeds:
While DCITU supports transfer speeds of up to 230400, most OS/2-based computers only support speeds as high as 115200 without the use of special hardware and/or drivers. Also note that not all cameras can connect at speeds faster than 115200, and OS/2's COM.SYS driver cannot typically use speeds higher than 115200 for the 16550-UART chipset used in common serial ports.

If both your serial port and your digital camera support transfer speeds higher than 115200, please download the SIO.SYS driver from either Hobbes or Ray Gwinn's web site.

Notice to users of Ray Gwinn's SIO.SYS driver:
The SIO.SYS option that locks the serial port to a specific speed cannot be used with DCITU. This option would look as follows in your CONFIG.SYS:
	DEVICE=D:\SIO\SIO.SYS (1:38400,3F8,4) (2:19200,2F8,3)
For DCITU to work with your digital camera, you must unlock the serial port to which your digital camera is connected. Using the previous example, if you needed to unlock COM2, then the line would be modified as follows:
	DEVICE=D:\SIO\SIO.SYS (1:38400,3F8,4) (2,2F8,3)

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