This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Séguin. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Joseph 1840-07-07 1911-12-05 Marie Rose Josephine Watier  
Marie Louise Josephine 1871-06-11 1966 Isaïe L. Denis Joseph Séguin Marie Rose Josephine Watier
Hervé     Jeannette Denis  
Victorine 1853   Octave Veve  
Fernando     Marie-Valentine Doria Paquin  
Claude 1933-09-21   Paulette Bourgeois Fernando Séguin Marie-Valentine Doria Paquin
Johanne 1958-12-16   Guy Pelletier Claude Séguin Paulette Bourgeois
Pierre 1960-07-30   Christine White Claude Séguin Paulette Bourgeois
Robert 1962-11-14   Ginette Gervais Claude Séguin Paulette Bourgeois
Steven 1988-04-23     Pierre Séguin Christine White
Jonathan 1986-03-28     Robert Séguin Ginette Gervais
Carol-Ann 1987-02-04     Robert Séguin Ginette Gervais
Claudie 1987-02-04     Robert Séguin Ginette Gervais
Louise 1966-08-20   Jean Brunette Claude Séguin Paulette Bourgeois
Sara 1853-08-06   François Sabourin Frédéric Séguin Félicité Saint-Jean
Frédéric 1824-11-28 1866-05-28 Félicité Saint-Jean