This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Verner. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Joey 1982-06-08     François Verner
Stéphane 1983-01-10     Robert Verner
Michel 1985-09-06     Gaétan Verner Sylvie Diotte
Christine 1972-03-06   Robert Verner
Robert 1954-08-14   Ginette ? Yvon Verner Lucille Charette
Nancy 1976-11-26   Pierre Bérubé Bernard Verner Lyne Charette
Gaétan 1958-12-22   Sylvie Diotte Yvon Verner Lucille Charette
Daniel 1977-12-12     Robert Verner
François 1955-09-02   Yvon Verner Lucille Charette
Vanessa 1989-05-02     Christine Verner
Marie 1964-05-08   Marc Dunn Yvon Verner Lucille Charette
Sylvain 1975-12-01   Geneviève ? Yvon Verner Lucille Charette
Antony 1998-06-21     Christine Verner
Tiffany 1993-01-19     Christian Verner
Mercedèse 1996-12-14     Christian Verner
Bernard 1956-10-24   Lyne Charette Yvon Verner Lucille Charette
Yvon 1931-04-26   Lucille Charette  
Mélanie 1994-08-15     Christine Verner
Martin 1989-08-13     Gaétan Verner Sylvie Diotte
Christian 1974-01-07   Robert Verner
Jessica 1995-01-15     Christian Verner
Blanche calculated 1892   Adélard Auger