Amable Cholet 1

Birth Name Cholet, Amable
Also Known As Laviolette, Amable 1
Also Known As Chasle, Amable 1
Also Known As Charles, Amable 1
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Sébastien-Hyacinthe Cholet
Mother Marie-Madeleine Roy
         Amable Cholet


    Family of Joseph Louis Charlebois and Amable Cholet
Married Husband Joseph Louis Charlebois
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1798-10-22 Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Québec, Canada  
  1. Joachim Charlebois
  2. Luc Charlebois
  3. Gabriel Charlebois
  4. Antoine Charlebois
  5. Marie-Amable Charlebois
  6. Hyacinthe-Benoni Charlebois
  7. Basile Charlebois


  1. Sébastien-Hyacinthe Cholet
    1. Marie-Madeleine Roy
      1. Amable Cholet
        1. Joseph Louis Charlebois
          1. Luc Charlebois
          2. Hyacinthe-Benoni Charlebois
          3. Gabriel Charlebois
          4. Joachim Charlebois
          5. Basile Charlebois
          6. Antoine Charlebois
          7. Marie-Amable Charlebois


Source References

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